Impact advisors with a people-first approach to social purpose.

We’re not your typical consultants.

We’re time-tested, serial entrepreneurs who have learned by doing social purpose. With nearly three decades of work at all levels of the corporate world under our belts, we understand the “secret sauce” needed to create superior long-term performance through social purpose.

This requires a human-centered approach—and people come first at Humanista, before process or product. People deliver a sustainable competitive advantage that allows you to harness the power of social purpose in the workplace, in communities, along every step of your supply chain—and in the competitive marketplace. Your people will then deliver the successful solutions for process and product changes.

Humanista guides leaders through each step of a comprehensive transformation through social purpose. Since we’ve been through it ourselves in every aspect of a company’s operations, we understand the common challenges and solutions for any size of organization.



In addition to offering consulting services, we also operate or have ownership interests in several social enterprise labs. These range from sustainable packaging to plastics recycling. These give our clients first-hand insights into critical aspects of social purpose and sustainability—and they also keep us grounded and actively getting our hands dirty in real-world businesses.