Social purpose consulting born of real world experience.

About Us

Have you heard the one about a German CEO and a social entrepreneur from Idaho who walk into an Elmer’s Pancake House and leave hours later with a handshake agreement to start a consulting firm?

That’s actually how Humanista started, with two experienced business people from different continents coming together to start a social purpose consulting firm based on real-world experience and a focus on people.

Today, Humanista offers its services to an international client base from offices in Boise, Idaho, USA, and Müchen, Bavaria, Germany.

Humanista is one of the leading social impact consulting firms in the powerful global movement for social purpose in business. We’re a hybrid consulting company and social impact lab that helps leaders create sustainable long-term competitive advantage by integrating social purpose into the core of your organization.

Russ Stoddard | Co-founder

Russ is the founder of Boise, Idaho-based Oliver Russell, a public benefit corporation that builds brands for purpose driven companies. He is a leader in the Certified B Corporation community and author of the Amazon business bestseller, Rise Up: How to Build a Socially Conscious Business. Russ is also a regular featured contributor to Sustainable Brands, Conscious Company Media, and the Forbes Agency Council.

Markus Kessler | Co-founder

Markus jumped overboard from the corporate world after a career highlighted by his leadership as CEO of one of Europe’s largest private-label manufacturers of cosmetics, home, and personal care products. He brings a keen understanding of the unique challenges facing enterprise-level CEOs as they implement sustainability initiatives. Markus is also an active impact investor in several social enterprise startups and a partner in GENIC GmbH.

Elena Gallina | Social Impact Associate

Elena is a “libertarian Marxist”—(yes, a contradiction in terms!) whose life’s work, ranging from the State Department to UN Women to nonprofits  has been an investigation into how we can use economic systems to advance justice. A little skeptical about the way things are done now, she’s excited about the potential for the B economy to shift our notions of impact.  She brings the perspective of someone who’s worked on the frontlines in social empowerment all over the world. Activist, photographer, Rhodes scholar, Elena cares deeply about the human side of business and the nitty gritty of helping people succeed.